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30 Long Years of Manufacturing Excellence with Quality at Its Best


Wuxi Hemei Window Ornaments New Material Co.,Ltd. is a joint venture enterprise, has been involving in internal sun shading industry for 30 years, located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China.

As the pioneer and leader in Chinese aluminum venetian blinds industry, Hemei Blinds specializes in producing aluminum slats and venetian blinds with various colors and specifications.

Hemei Blinds, an amfori BSCI certified company, is also fully complying with ISO9001 quality management system, and exporting to more than 70 countries all over the world.


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Product Series


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Hemei Blinds uses advanced technology and standards, continuously develops and launches new products.

Aluminum Slats

The width from 12.5mm to 89mm and the thickness from 0.16mm to 0.45mm. Eleven series with hundreds of colors.

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Ready-made Blinds

Using automatic blinds production lines. Ten series with different materials, such as aluminum, wood, and fabric.

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Blinds Components

Providing components for 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, double glazing blinds, to create a complete sun shading solution.

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Machines & Molds

Providing automatic venetian blinds machines and punching & cutting molds, with a complete venetian blinds solution.

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Hemei Blinds attends domestic and overseas exhibitions, such as R+T, Canton Fair, etc.


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Hemei Blinds Is Exporting to 70+ Countries All Over the World

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