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On the basis of continuously research and development and launch of new Aluminum Slats and Ready-made Blinds products, Hemei Blinds also provide Blinds Components Series.

Hemei Blinds provide Blinds Components Series for 25mm venetian blinds, 35mm venetian blinds, 50mm venetian blinds, as well as double glazing blinds, to create complete venetian blinds solutions for our customers.


H1 Wand Gear

H1A Wand Gear

H2 Cord Lock

H3 Ladder Roll Support

H4 Ladder Roll

H5 End Cap for Head Rail

H5A End Cap for Head Rail

H6 M-type End Cap for Bottom Rail

H7 Cord Handle

H8 Bottom Cover

H9 Cord Spacer

H10 Cord Clip

H11 Wind-proof Hook

H12 Wand (6mm)

H12A Wand (7mm)

H13 Wand Handle

H14 Spring Bracket

H15 Head Rail (24x26x0.4/0.5)

H16 C-type Bottom Rail (10x20x0.5)

H16A M-type Bottom Rail (11x24x0.4/0.5)

H17 Ladder (23.5×28)

H18 Cord (600D)

H19 Shaft

H20 C-type End Cap for Bottom Rail

H20A C-type End Cap for Bottom Rail

H21 Horn-type Cord Handle

L10 Spider Bracket

L14 Wand Hook

L22 Aluminum Clip


HM350 Bracket (L/R)

HM351 Cord Lock

HM352 Wand Gear

HM353A Ladder Roll Support

HM353B Ladder Roll

HM356A Shaft

HM358A Head Rail (37x42x0.5)

HM358B Bottom Rail (11x35x0.5)

HM358C End Cap for Bottom Rail

HM359 Cord Pendant

HM3510 Ladder (32×38)

HM3511 Cord (750D)

HM3512 Woven Ladder (18x32x38)

L22 Aluminum Clip


50HM-1 Ladder Roll

50HM-1A Ladder Roll

50HM-2 Ladder Roll Support

50HM-2A Ladder Roll Support

50HM-3 Spring Bracket

50HM-4 Cord Lock

50HM-4A Cord Lock

50HM-5 Wand Gear

50HM-5A Wand Gear

50HM-6 End Cap for Head Rail

50HM-7 End Cap for Bottom Rail

50HM-8 Shaft (6×6)

50HM-9 Head Rail (57x51x0.5)

50HM-10 Bottom Rail (50x19x0.5)

50HM-11 Cord Pendant

50HM-12 Cord (900D)

50HM-13 Woven Ladder (25x44x54)

50HM-14 Ladder (44×54)

50HM-15 Wind-proof Hook

50HM-16 Bottom Rail Buckle

50HM-17 U-type Bracket





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