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On the basis of continuously research and development and launch of new Aluminum Slats and Ready-made Blinds products, Hemei Blinds also provide Venetian Blinds Machines and Punching & Cutting Molds.

Hemei Blinds provide a variety of Venetian Blinds Machines, including Automatic, Semi-automatic, and Manual Venetian Blinds Machine, as well as Punching & Cutting Molds, including 25mm & 50mm Manual Rail Punching & Cutting Molds, to create complete venetian blinds solutions for customers.


Automatic Venetian Blinds Machine

Semi-automatic Venetian Blinds Machine

25mm Manual Venetian Blinds Machine


25mm Manual Rail Punching Mold (3 in 1)

25mm Manual Rail Cutting Mold (3 in 1)

50mm Manual Rail Punching Mold (3 in 1)

50mm Manual Rail Cutting Mold (2 in 1)

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